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  • Resourceful

    “Crew was extremely helpful in our search he was able to provide so many pictures and videos which made the process a lot easier”

  • Professional

    “Crew is the best realtor I’ve worked with in my many years of renting. He always has all the details ready and is always very professional”

  • Not Local? No Problem!

    “Love the virtual experience because I was able to see exactly what my apartment looked like while being out of the country”

  • Beyond Helpful!

    "We rented an apartment with Crew and upon inquiring about the square footage and a floorplan to find out there wasn't one Crew took it upon himself to make one for us, it made renting the unit along with buying furniture much easier!"

  • Huge Time Saver!

    "We used the 'Street to unit experience' Crew created and it was a tremendous help, we were able to virtually view around 20 units virtually and cut down our list to 2 for in person showings, after fighting through other listings with barely any photos or info, seeing Crew's listings that had so much detail was a breath of fresh air and made the experience much easier"

  • Efficient!

    Working with Crew was extremely easy and straightforward. He had videos, 3d tours, and descriptions answering every question we could think of ready for us when he sent us listings. When we decided on our apartment he had checklists and forms that made the process very organized and efficient.

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